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Krav Maga or “close combat” in Hebrew

The Israeli art of self-defense has been in use around the globe for over 50 years. Originally pioneered to use by the Israeli Defense Forces / IDF or Israeli military, Krav Maga has proven itself to be brutally effective by drawing the best techniques from boxing, thai / kick boxing, Brazilin jujitsu, tae kwon do, wrestling, and others.

Just like in warfare, there are no tournaments or do-overs out on the streets, so learn how to protect you and your family in our school.

Aikido or “the way of harmony with nature” in Japan

Known as “the gentle art”, Aikido draws its origins from the techniques of ancient Japanese samurai warriors.  The Bushi or warrior class had been formally stripped of their status during the Meiji Reformation 1868, the samurai techniques started going through an evolution which was furthered by the surrender at the end of World War II in 1945.  Japan was in shambles and weapons of war and instruction in combat were expressly forbidden during the US Occupation.

O’Sensei, being the last of samurai lineage / descent and holding the teaching certificates to be called a samurai, developed Aikido as a way of neutralizing attackers with a minimal amount of force.  Similar in nature to judo and jujitsu, Aikido teaches us to us our attacker’s momentum and force against them.

Concealed carry weapons / CCW Licensing

At ACTT and our sister company, SoonerTactical, we provide licensing courses for civilians to obtain their CCW / CHL / OKSDA (depending on the individual state nomenclature) using both state-approved curriculum or NRA-certified course materials.

Defensive Use of a Firearm

Many people gun owners frequent a range with static paper targets. While that is always good for basic marksmanship training and practice, real targets move and hide and possibly shoot back at you.  Our defensive firearms courses incorporate actions which are usually frowned upon at a public range such as drawing from a holster, speed reloads, moving and shooting, shooting from behind barricades, etc.  Come and learn how how you should really prepare to protect your family.

Force-on-Force Training

Let’s face it...The odds are slim that you’ll ever be involved in a violent confrontation with an aggressor, but there has been a significant uptick in violent crimes in the past several years, leaving us all feeling anxious about our safety.  The truth is that if you’re attacked, you’ll likely never see the attack which is coming because it’ll be some sort of an ambush, or you’ll be caught in the middle of some sort of an active shooter situation as an innocent bystander.

Our courses are law-enforcement certified by CLEET in Oklahoma for CEU / continuing education units for LE professionals.  While we offer the same level of instruction for civilians, the curriculum is tailored for each audience.